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Each candidate for graduation is required to complete and file with the Academic Affairs Office an “Application for Graduation” form by the deadline established. Degree candidates, who have completed or made arrangements to complete all requirements for graduation to the satisfaction of the University Registrar, are included in the commencement ceremonies. Candidates who have been continually enrolled at Midland must meet the degree requirements enumerated in the catalog when they first entered Midland or the catalog in effect at the time of their graduation.

Candidates who stop enrollment for any period of time will be bound by the catalog in effect at the time of their re-enrollment. Students who choose to move forward to a new catalog must meet all requirements of the new catalog and may not return to a previous catalog.

Length of Program                                                                                                                     

Upon acceptance to a program, students will receive a course plan outlining their progression through their respective programs.  Most students are able to complete their program within two (2) years. Students who are unable to complete their coursework on the original schedule may apply to put their coursework on hold and return to the program at a later date. A student enrolled in a graduate program at Midland University must complete all coursework within five (5) years of entry into the program. Further extension, if required, must be requested by submitting a letter to the Dean of the respective program. The letter should explain why an extension is required and provide a specific timeline for program completion. Each extension request will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

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