Leadership and Strategic Value Creation

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Leadership and Strategic Value Creation

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Dunklau School of Business


This course will build on basic MBA level courses in finance, accounting, marketing, strategy, and economics and integrate those into practical tools and concepts that will improve the student's ability to make decisions that will increase the value of the enterprise. The course is intended to be practical in nature and is focused on application and reasoning that helps decision-making in a complex interdependent real world. The course will also assist students in developing their leadership tool-kit, including developing a vision, and a strategy to bring that vision to reality. Emphasis will be given to real world examples and analyzing cases that shed light on actual business events and decision-making. Students will also get practical exposure in data driven decision-making, when each team develops a financial forecast that translates a vision and strategy into solid execution plans. To ensure practical exposure, students will participate in a strategic simulation game throughout the term.



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